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Cubes/ Beyond the Parallel

In the Wall House, Red Bean Architects’ response to the limitations of the terrace house typology is an enigmatic, textural wall constructed of stacked concrete blocks.

The Design Society Journal/ Produce

Hands-on experimentation is a vital part of the design process, shares Pan Yi Cheng, the chief creative producer of PRODUCE. That belief is at the heart of the multidisciplinary design studio’s methodology, ideas and ambitions.

D+A / Open Surgery

In House V, Red Bean Architects introduces a series of architectural manoeuvres to turn an originally dark and disconnected house into one that is airy and engaging.

D+A / Clear Boundaries

A few thoughtful design ideas by HYLA Architects in 34/36 Toh Crescent addresses the perennial issues of privacy in cluster housing developments.

D+A / Connect the Blocks

How to create a home that harnesses the tenats of simple and comfortable living? The house at JM by OWMF Architecture is a case in point.

D+A / Filling the Voids

The strategic carving out of voids in the massing of a two-generational home encourages connectivity between family members while introducing nature within.