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D+A / Connect the Blocks

How to create a home that harnesses the tenats of simple and comfortable living? The house at JM by OWMF Architecture is a case in point.

Designed by Eco-ID Architects, the Ivy Bound International School for pre-schoolers creates a learning environment with nature is at its heart.

D+A / Free Art

The ‘Double Lives: The Works of Hyphenated Artists’ exhibition at the new Gentle Beast Art Club reveals the diverse and multifarious roles and influences of art.

D+A / The Meaning in Matter

Grace Tan’s exhibition at FOST Gallery ‘A Thing of Matter’ delves into the essence of paper and artist pigments, resulting in textural, ephemeral works of art.

Cubes / A Sound Space

At LongPlay, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office demonstrates their flair for executing authentic design experiences even in the smallest of spaces.