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Cubes/ Beyond the Parallel

In the Wall House, Red Bean Architects’ response to the limitations of the terrace house typology is an enigmatic, textural wall constructed of stacked concrete blocks.

Cubes / A Sound Space

At LongPlay, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office demonstrates their flair for executing authentic design experiences even in the smallest of spaces.

Cubes / Domestic Magic

HYLA Architects devises an ingenious way of mitigating an irregularly shaped site in the Faber Terrace House, resulting in delightful moments of charm and connectivity.

Cubes / Work in Play

The Working Capitol offers a refreshing new co-working experience in a collaborative design by FARM, Takenouchi Webb and Foreign Policy Design.

Cubes / Art of Making

Atelier Vierkant’s architectural ceramics exude a tactility and depth of surface tonality achieved only though a painstaking handmade process.